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Curtiss P40 Shark Mouth, Texas Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Curtiss P40 Shark Mouth, Texas Straight Bourbon Whiskey

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In honour and memory of the First American Volunteer Group (AVG) of the Republic of China Air Force, nicknamed the Flying Tigers, we are proud the release this truly unique and collectable liquor product.

The Texas Straight Bourbon Whiskey with an ABV of 45% was distilled from a blended mash of hand-picked corn, rye, and barley, then aged in a white oak barrel for 5-years. After resting in a charred oak barrel, it presents flavours of caramel.

The Av-Alc. bottle label depicts and celebrates the iconic Curtiss P-40B Warhawk with the very distinctive Shark Mouth nose art that adorned the Flying Tigers aircraft.

Each label is individually handmade from aircraft skin type metal using actual aircraft building techniques and tooling, the labels are effectively built around the custom moulded Mk II glass bottle.

The First American Volunteer Group first saw combat on 18 December 1941, 12 days after the attack on Pearl Harbour, and was disbanded on 4 July 1942. During this time, they remained unbeaten in aerial combat, destroying 296 enemy aircraft while losing only 14 pilots.

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